Rowan Rossi

Rowan has been training in dance all his life starting with jazz and tap. In 2010, he trained for two years in the Australian Ballet School's ITP program and during his time in Adelaide he performed lead roles in Ballets such as Narnia, and Nutcracker with the Australian Classical youth ballet. Rowan was also a beginner tap teacher, choreographer of many students tap solo's and completed his Glen Wood Tap syllabus. Rowan decided to come to New Zealand to train at the New Zealand School of Dance as a contemporary major graduating in 2016.

Dance is unique. It combines the mind, body and soul, like no other art form and explores one of the fundamental aspects of life which is movement. All things that have life, have movement. So in turn; dance is an exploration of what is it to be living

Since moving to New Zealand he has learnt and performed professional works such as: Michael Parameter's "Bach", Raewyn Hill's "Fugue", New Zealand School Of Dance third year choreographic season "Karst", Luik Swee Boon's "As It Fades" as well as working as a dancer on WOW and self devising his own solo "Borderline".





SE7EN (2017)