Dancetrain Magazine Review

A dynamic strong cast, utilised to highlight their strengths.

Beautiful lighting, thoughtful, well edited continuos and relevant music and sounds.

So many very clever, wonderful displays of interesting choreography expertly performed by a well-chosen cast.

Mitchell Turnbull is proving himself to be a real asset to the Austalian Dance Scene.

Congratulations to all the dancers, your stamina, technique, character interpretation and ability to work as a team promoting clear and evocative messaging is to be applauded.

Allie Graham – Ev&Bow and Sydney Dance Company Pre Professional Year still impressing the hell out of me. Such an intense, delightful movement.

Isobel Estrella from McDonald College and New Zealand School of Dance was dynamic and explosive.

Jennifer Horvath – Jason Winters and Conaln College graduate was absolutely technically beautiful.

Olivia Kingston – Sydney Dance Company Pre Professional Year was just sensational.

Photography and Review by Dani Brown


The Camden & Macarthur Advertiser

Thank you to The Wollondilly Advertiser for doing an article about our company and it's upcoming debut season of 'SE7EN' premiering on May 12th - 14th 2017 at NIDA's Playhouse Theatre.

Growing up in the Macarthur region, I am always excited to come back and share my knowledge and passion of dance onto the next generation of dancers. Being able to provide opportunities like this to students I teach in Western Sydney Area brings me joy, as I know that it will benefit them in their future endeavours.

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