Maddie Tratt

Maddie Tratt, originally from Dubbo, began her training at Dubbo Ballet Studio with Anna Bloomfield at the age of 4. She continued her studies in Sydney at Ev&Bow Fulltime Dance Training Centre in the years 2012 and 2013 where she received a Certificate IV in Dance. Maddie then furthered her study at New Zealand School of Dance in the years 2014 and 2015 to graduate with a Certificate 6 in Dance Performance.

Do what you can, until you can do what you cant


In 2016 Maddie had the opportunity to be an understudy for Shaun Parker in his well renowned work 'TROLLEY' as well as working with Nick Cave as a featured artist in 'Art and About' Heard SYD.

In earlier years Maddie got the opportunity to perform in ‘World of Wearable Arts’ in Wellington, New Zealand under the director Malia Johnston. Maddie also had the privilege to perform in the production 'KARST' alongside the New Zealand School of Dance students in the annual Choreographic Season. She also had the honour of working with Thomas Bradley in his innovative work, 'Cnoditions of Entry', Kuik Swee Boon's moving work 'As it Fade’s' and Sarah Fosters clever work 'Forgotten Things', in New Zealand School of Dance graduation season in 2015.

Now Ms Tratt is teaching contemporary dance with the skills learnt in her years of training and embarking on her career as a professional dancer.



SE7EN (2017)