Both Sides

There are more than two sides to every story.

Both Sides explores the nature of relationships, the comings and goings, alliances and fallouts and how these experiences help shape our existence. In every relationship there are two sides,the one they let the world see and the one they keep to themselves.



Conceived and Directed: Mitchell Turnbull

Choreography: Mitchell Turnbull in collaboration with Limitless Dance Company Dancers

Dancers: Vanessa Ghazal, Jennifer Horvath, Olivia Kingston, Maddison McKenzie, Chris Mifsud, Genevieve Morris, Tahlia Roccazzella, Rowan Rossi, Megan Scheffers, Imogen Tapara, Maddie Tratt and Raegan Williams

Composer: Paul Tinsley 

Costume Design: Mitchell Turnbull

Stage Manager: Sarah Kennedy

Audio: Chris Kennedy

Lighting Design: Mitchell Turnbull & Sarah Kennedy

Performance Dates: 20th & 21st May, 2016

Venue: NIDA's Playhouse Theatre

Duration: 60 minutes


Impressive debut programme
— Dance Informa
Cutting edge contemporary dance
— Sydney Arts Guide
Dynamic force at play
— Dance Australia

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